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"yoga has the power to illuminate the darkest of places"

photo collage - Hannah Lenton in different yoga postures asanas

The word yoga is derived from sanskrit meaning to yoke, or to join. It's about connecting all parts of ourselves to make a whole- uniting the body, mind and spirit. To me, it's about connecting more deeply with and growing our awareness of our surroundings too: with our environment, the elements of nature, and with those around us, approaching all of these with love and intention. 


Hi, I'm Hannah!


I'm a vinyasa yoga teacher based in beautiful North Devon, with my husband Jim and German Shepherd Dog Bungle.

I discovered yoga during my travels in India and it has since become an essential tool to managing my health and wellbeing, bringing balance and perspective to my daily life.


My aim is to promote wellbeing, self-acceptance, and fun, through creative and uplifting sequences that allow space for exploration and play. I believe that everyone can benefit from the practice, and I'm passionate about helping my students build a deeper connection to themselves and their surroundings. 

I teach a dynamic classes suitable for all levels of experience and would love for you to join me in for one of my public classes in and around Bideford (see schedule), or you can book me for a private event or one-to-one session. My hope is that you will feel physically stronger and mentally lighter, long after you step off your mat. 


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